Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Dynamic Cloud Network Control Under Reconfiguration Delay and Cost

                    Network virtualization and programmability allow operators to deploy a wide range of services over a common physical infrastructure and elastically allocate cloud and network resources according to changing requirements. While the elastic reconfiguration of virtual resources enables dynamically scaling capacity in order to support service demands with minimal operational cost, reconfiguration operations make resources unavailable during a given time period and may incur additional cost. In this paper, we address the dynamic cloud network control problem under non-negligible reconfiguration delay and cost. We show that while the capacity region remains unchanged regardless of the reconfiguration delay/cost values, a reconfiguration-agnostic policy may fail to guarantee throughput-optimality and minimum cost under nonzero reconfiguration delay/cost. We then present an adaptive dynamic cloud network control policy that allows network nodes to make local flow scheduling and resource allocation decisions while controlling the frequency of reconfiguration in order to support any input rate in the capacity region and achieve arbitrarily close to minimum cost for any finite reconfiguration delay/cost values.

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