Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Novel Multi-Keyword Search on Encrypted Data in the Cloud

                         Searching on encrypted data has become a very important technique in cloud computing. Such searches enable the data owner to search on the encrypted data stored on the cloud without leaking any information. To obtain a better search experience, researchers have proposed many schemes which mainly focus on conjunctive and disjunctive keyword searches. However, conjunction of all the keywords may result in very few results, whereas a disjunction will return too many results. With the current schemes, customizing the relevancy of the keywords to obtain the desired results is difficult. To solve these problems, we propose a novel scheme that supports the search with the user-specified number of keywords contained in the search result. This number n can be used to customize the keyword relevancy. As a result, the data owner could obtain the desired search results containing any n keywords of a keyword set. The proposed scheme also supports the traditional disjunctive and conjunctive keyword searches when n equals 1 or the size of the keyword set, respectively. The keyword could be positive or negative. We first formally define its security and then prove that the proposed scheme is secure against the adaptively chosen keyword attack in the standard model and can defend against the offline keyword guessing attack to some extent. Furthermore, we present a theoretical performance comparison with other schemes as well as the experimental performance evaluations on our implemented scheme.

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