Friday, October 18, 2019


Congestion Management based Optimal Sizing of PV System using MultiVerse Optimization Algorithm

                 The Congestion management of multi bus i.e 30 bus system is assessed by optimal sizing of PV system in this research paper. The recitation analysis of PV system has carried out in 30 bus system for the development of power system security through MATPOWER software. When the multi bus system goes an unexpected loading, its stability and security of the system is disturbed. It is required better results, it is required better the security from the disturbance of the areas. Here, the system is monitoring by continuation power flow (CPF), because of to improve the congestion situation of the systems. The various operating conditions like without PV system and with PV system tuned by Multi verse optimization algorithm. It has used to evaluate the performance of the proposed systems. The result shows, the system with PV system properly is tuned by this algorithm. It produces better result than the systems without PV.

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